Loft Redpath

Located in the historic Redpath Sugar Refinery Building, this loft has been completely transformed and redesigned. The visible structural elements make it possible to give free rein to the building's original industrial uses.

Architem architecture
Surface area
1500 sq.ft.
Maxime Brouillet
Loft Redpath
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The commitment of the OVI team to providing quality support and working closely together throughout the construction process is truly remarkable.

Magda Telenga

Architecte, Directrice de projets à MU Architecture

Attention to detail and communication are the hallmarks of quality, and our experience with OVI demonstrates a level and quality of execution that is unmatched in Quebec.

Kevin Botchar

Architecte, Directeur à Atelier Barda architecture

OVI's expertise, combined with our shared vision, turned challenges into opportunities, resulting in a home that exceeds our expectations.

Joel B.

Projet avec la firme d’architecture : Nature Humaine Architecture

The support service was key to our positive experience with OVI. I was always invited to take part in the meetings and I felt an integral part of the project, which I appreciated enormously.

Justine L.

Client avec la firme Nature Humaine Architecture