Our expertise

At OVI, we're more than just contractors, we're partners in your projects. We thrive on challenges: we guarantee to bring your most ambitious projects to fruition.

Working with us means immersion in a collaborative work ecosystem.

Your partner since 2008

Our story

Since 2008, OVI has been realizing the most ambitious projects, working closely with local architectural firms to transform the spaces of tomorrow. We've built our reputation by collaborating with leading architectural firms who have trusted us over the years to execute unique projects.

Our mission

Our main driving force is to turn theoretical living spaces into real constructions: we transform complexity into reality. Every morning, we wake up with a passion for building the most exceptional and unique projects imaginable.

Our values

Every project is a challenge we look forward to meeting. For us, transparency is essential from one end of our projects to the other, in order to establish strong bonds of trust with everyone involved. Building exceptional projects means asking questions, surpassing ourselves, finding solutions and improving, so that we can be proud of the final result.

If we stand out from the crowd, it's because of our exceptional people.

Notre expertise

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