Committed, motivated and curious, our people are different because of their integrity and the pride they take in their hard work.


For the projects

Always motivated by the challenge of undertaking the most ambitious projects, we are proud to build unique homes that are celebrated and recognized by the architectural industry.


For the atmosphere

Our work environment is both positive and dynamic, encouraging collaboration and personal development. As soon as you walk in the door, you feel a palpable energy, fueled by the team's passion and enthusiasm. Our offices and worksites are alive with constructive discussion and the exchange of creative ideas. Everyone contributes his or her part, in a spirit of solidarity and mutual support. Successes are celebrated together, and challenges are met with determination. Here, every day is an opportunity to grow, learn and contribute to inspiring projects.


For the challenges

Every project is a challenge we look forward to meeting. For us, transparency is essential from one end of our projects to the other, in order to establish strong bonds of trust with everyone involved. Building exceptional projects means asking questions, surpassing ourselves, finding solutions and improving, so that we can be proud of the final result.

Available positions

Project Manager

We are looking for a Project Manager - Residential Construction.

You will be responsible for monitoring the budget, schedule, and customer service. You will attend "project launch meetings" and organize the construction sites with our team leaders. Your role will involve rigorously tracking the project stages and informing management of any deviations from the planned costs or schedules.

You will work closely with the team leaders and subcontractors, maintaining constant communication with them. Additionally, you will be responsible for monitoring and coordinating subcontractors' schedules, overseeing and making modifications to architects' and engineers' plans. Furthermore, you will update project schedules daily and ensure compliance with health and safety standards required by OVI, while communicating client expectations to various stakeholders.


We are looking for journeymen carpenters-carpenters specialized in finishing, carpentry or exterior cladding, who want to take on new challenges, take on complex projects and lead a solid team within a collaborative organization.

Carpenter/Team leader

We are looking for a Team Leader who wants to take on new challenges, take on complex projects and lead a solid team within a collaborative organization.

Someone who will be able to analyze and master the plans of architects and engineers, to coordinate a team of carpenters and subcontractors on construction sites, and to organize orders and deliveries.

Notre expertise

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